Wednesday, August 31, 2011

making an impractical jumper

'new! impractical, not very warm 'jumper' by jess.'

i started taking photos during, rather than from the beginning.
this is what i do instead of sleeping. the reason the lighting is okay is that the sun started coming up.

orange panel size: guestimated.
pink/nude panel: guestimated.

orange panel: pinned into tucks, each fold sewn along.

arm one and arm two: length made to even out the asymmetrical lengths of the pink/nude and orange panels.
i.e. the finished arms are the same length, but made up of non-evenly sized pieces.

note: under orange 'striped arm panel' is pink/nude arm panel. for other arm.
 note: sewing arm seam closed. (inner arm seam)
and when you sew it up and flip it out, it should look like this:

then you can tie things to the arms. like fabric strings, or hair.

(thanks again to alyra for the blue fabric <3)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

photoshootin' !

it's now 7:12am, and i'm going to go to sleep in a moment, and it will be very nice.
i decided it would be okay to sit up all night editing, particularly removing the lines that were dividing the orange background.
and now there's sunlight interfering with my retinas.

might i now introduce some grand photo things !
these are the result of a really good day with
Jana Hoang (photographer + MUA),
Sophie Dimitriou (photographer + stylist)
and Lucy Fry (model).

black lace top with blue bow, stringy rib top, red stringy waistband, nude tshirt socks.
black lace skirt, shoes - stylist's own.

white lace vest, white draped neckpiece, ceramic tooth necklace, nude tshirt socks.
black shirt, black skirt, belt, shoes - stylist's own.

nude stripe cropped fringe top, chair socks.
lace dress - stylist's own. shoes - photographer's own. 
(plus pointy collar with added string.)
 black sheer full-length dress, black stringy crop top, shell+circle necklace, torso necklace, red bike shorts, grey tshirt socks.
shoes - stylist's own.
(and stripe sash)

square dress, white elastic harness, blue ribbon.
black strap - from a bag, gold stockings pulled over stylist's shoes.
 fringe/hair cropped top, tulle squiggle jacket, red bike shorts.
white shirt, shoes - stylist's own. 
(gold stockings.)

 purple dress, nude ceramic harness, red tulle sleeves.
shoes - stylist's own.

above: photos by Jana
below: photos and editing by Sophie

(more photos (+.gifs) of the shoot can be found on sophie's blog, as well as various other all 'round eye-pleasing editing.)
(jana's suave graphic designing and photography can be found by clicking through to her tumblr.)

(thanks much J+S+L !)

7:37. ha!


cooool. innernet posted my thing on tumblr!

also i'm a tab addict.
(i have another three windows open, too........)

*pleased dance*


wearing my stuff with some pants. just before no-more-sun.
after a nice day out and about eating strawberries with bread.

Friday, August 26, 2011

where's wally arm.

 i thought i'd take some organisational photos for the photoshoot with jana, sophie and lucy which took place last saturday (photos to come!), and because all of my clothes were being photographed... i had somewhat nothing to wear (as i've gotten into the habit of wearing 80% homemade items. it's good and stretchy fun), so i dug around and found a where's wally top and woolly checky skirt, as seen on the photo edge.
above: (as seen in previous post, except worn more underneath than over the top. 
i'm still thinking of modifying this.)
 above: socks lookin' not too socky on a hanger.
 favourite dress.

not all of the items were used for the photoshooting, but a good lot were.
perhaps where's wally spotting-the-items situation when i post jana and sophie's photos, which are supergood, and a lot of orange.