Thursday, August 18, 2011



i went to a draping workshop as part of the craft vic sessions, like the hand embroidery jig previously.
this is an example of the way the pleats look pinned straight onto a mannequin, 
but that isn't how we were actually being taught to hand-sew it, so these pictures are of minimal relevance. 
they do show little folds though. of white silk tulle.

i'm going to try to do this draping business again with some silkcottonblend fabric 
that i dyed blue at another session (called 'fabric dyeing', of all the things). 
i tried to dye it to look a bit like a waterfall.
so i can have a waterfall coming out of my belly or something.

"looking for something?"


  1. you look so gorgeous - I love your hair <3

  2. so freaking excited for tomorrow

  3. will you make more clothes and sell them so i can wear them??? :)

  4. - thank you!
    - and me too(past tense)!
    - and yesss!