Friday, February 4, 2011

Flood Relief Market

this Sunday, 6th of February, 2011!


Thelma magazine's Flood Relief Fundraiser Market
at 1000 £ Bend

361 Little Lonsdale St
, Australia
, 3000

details also found on threethousand

(I have a stall)
look out for:

picnic skirts!
(for indoor picnics at the moment.)

(note: so pleased with all the lined-up lines!)

also to be for the sellin':

a percentage of all items for sale on the day (from all stalls) will be donated to the queensland flood relief.
(other stalls including vintage clothes of all sorts and small potted succulents and apparently massages. all the things you want.)

also for the viewing:
Thelma magazine's Art Auction.
(it's silent. shh)

from Feb 1st-6th, the walls of 1000 £ Bend will be adorned with donated artworks where you can place small written bids underneath each.

(i have some small dry-point etchings and one illustration on the wall if you're up for a snoopin')
100% of yer monies are donated to the flood relief.

hopefully see you at the market.