Friday, August 26, 2011

where's wally arm.

 i thought i'd take some organisational photos for the photoshoot with jana, sophie and lucy which took place last saturday (photos to come!), and because all of my clothes were being photographed... i had somewhat nothing to wear (as i've gotten into the habit of wearing 80% homemade items. it's good and stretchy fun), so i dug around and found a where's wally top and woolly checky skirt, as seen on the photo edge.
above: (as seen in previous post, except worn more underneath than over the top. 
i'm still thinking of modifying this.)
 above: socks lookin' not too socky on a hanger.
 favourite dress.

not all of the items were used for the photoshooting, but a good lot were.
perhaps where's wally spotting-the-items situation when i post jana and sophie's photos, which are supergood, and a lot of orange.


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