Saturday, August 27, 2011

photoshootin' !

it's now 7:12am, and i'm going to go to sleep in a moment, and it will be very nice.
i decided it would be okay to sit up all night editing, particularly removing the lines that were dividing the orange background.
and now there's sunlight interfering with my retinas.

might i now introduce some grand photo things !
these are the result of a really good day with
Jana Hoang (photographer + MUA),
Sophie Dimitriou (photographer + stylist)
and Lucy Fry (model).

black lace top with blue bow, stringy rib top, red stringy waistband, nude tshirt socks.
black lace skirt, shoes - stylist's own.

white lace vest, white draped neckpiece, ceramic tooth necklace, nude tshirt socks.
black shirt, black skirt, belt, shoes - stylist's own.

nude stripe cropped fringe top, chair socks.
lace dress - stylist's own. shoes - photographer's own. 
(plus pointy collar with added string.)
 black sheer full-length dress, black stringy crop top, shell+circle necklace, torso necklace, red bike shorts, grey tshirt socks.
shoes - stylist's own.
(and stripe sash)

square dress, white elastic harness, blue ribbon.
black strap - from a bag, gold stockings pulled over stylist's shoes.
 fringe/hair cropped top, tulle squiggle jacket, red bike shorts.
white shirt, shoes - stylist's own. 
(gold stockings.)

 purple dress, nude ceramic harness, red tulle sleeves.
shoes - stylist's own.

above: photos by Jana
below: photos and editing by Sophie

(more photos (+.gifs) of the shoot can be found on sophie's blog, as well as various other all 'round eye-pleasing editing.)
(jana's suave graphic designing and photography can be found by clicking through to her tumblr.)

(thanks much J+S+L !)

7:37. ha!


  1. Jana has such a good sense for bright colours! Jess this is a great collection of garments!

  2. Really enjoyed the editing of the mouth and arms. Thanks again for such a great opportunity.

  3. thanks aaron much!

    hee, the mouth one was initially an accident. and then it became contagious and the knee caught it, too.
    stamping/cloning accidents.

  4. OMG amaziiing work!!! you are soooooo talented!
    i'm glad to discovered you!!!!
    your model is pretty and i love her haircut!

    bye bye