Friday, July 22, 2011

belly eye

my understanding is that my colour editing was really really horrid.
unfortunately, i still like it.
here is one without :)

again, thanks Cat (Newell Pieper)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Went to Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania, 
with my lovely friend Cat who has shorty-long hair and glasses and shoes.
We ate a lot of apples by Jess standards and a few apples by Cat standards,
and had a good, shiny, rainy time.

(She took this picture for me. Thanks Cat!
I butchered the colours of the background. Sorry Cat!)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

planning stages 2 !

photoshoot sewing/idea-ing in a three dimensional way.

some of them are silly. but that's okay, surely.
thanks hard-rubbish tripod! for making everything more stable/matching than usual.
and thanks dad. for making the door such a damn good colour.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

planning stages !

i made a pile of some of the fabrics i have been saving.

and i put them on the table. and stared at them a bit.

and now i have these drawings!

they're still in thoughts of thinking stages,

and are to be made soon,
and to be photographed and styled and made to look amazing
by Jana and Sophie !
(jess: excited.)

Jana and Sophie can be found in these places:
jana - blog - tumblr
sophie - blog
jana&sophie - blog
- (some amazing image collections/inspirations
and their own work/photos/styling/editing from their trip to the usa.)

things about the clothes in the drawings:
i love fringe at the moment. so everything in my mind is spilling fringes.
also i'm still addicted to eyes, but that's not as obvious above. maybe i can sneak that in with some ceramic jewellery things.
suspender stockings are the best. so they are in.
also, i visited one of my favourite shops recently:
The Button Shop on glenferrie road, perhaps in malvern.
and they have so many fantastic trims.
i.e. expect the least minimalist display ever. :|
(not quite, but almost)