Tuesday, August 16, 2011

photoshoot prep-aring.

putting some things on hangers in natural light before uni on three hours of sleep.
(when you want to photo things you suddenly realise how often you aren't actually home during daylight (or nightlight) hours)

the three hours of sleep was totally worth it, though. the awake hours after midnight are the inspiration hours,
and when i was done sewing, i had a small happy fit, alone, in a silent house, a bit before sunrise.

trying to see whether i have a colourscheme.

black, 'nude', orange, orange, blue
black, nude, black, orange (again), yellow/brown/green/purple
black, navy, blue, purple, red (dark, light), oranges, flesh/nude. predominantly.

and then trying to photograph the new thing i stayed up making: 
1. nope. that's a picture of the coat hanger.
2. motion picture.
3. a 7-year-outdated picture of my little brother and a stamp which is waiting for london.

the little loops seen on the sleeve are to tie things to.
like individual strands of fringe, as below.
the top is also cropped, i.e. tummy exposing.


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