Monday, June 21, 2010


canary. name: pending.
i now have a bluebird made of glass (also here) and a felty canary.
felt has been wanting to be turned into a something since i was probably seven.

A. front
B. back
C. with friend

(yes, the sewing is starting small.)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


this is a table at uni that I love and I want it to be fabric.

goal: wear the table.


Things I have sewn this year: Not enough.
silk curtain bag for uni,
short lace top without sleeves and with large, superfluous diamond panel,
light pink long-sleeved desperately basic top because I was cold.
black dress, no sleeves, approximately knee-length with v-shaped very low plunging back,
black tshirt, with sort of not really sleeves. and unedged.

do better.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Film stills.
Thought process:
(for drawing concept + research)
Prove you exist.
How do I know I exist?
(I don't)
How do I seem to exist to myself?
What about where I can't directly see?
What if I covered my back in paint according to how my back feels... squishy/bones/so forth.
or it just seemed personally amusing.
Connection to clothing:
bulky clothing, clothing with shaping, clothing which disguises form and the body undearneath...
initial thought was to put the paint on clothing. So that the body underneath was less disguised.
And it was supposed to be like a visual representation of how the body underneath would respond to pressure. Which you don't see. Under shaped clothing.
I made a film for uni/amusement. These are stills:


Next post might involve fabric of some kind.
And until then, the commands of the Title still apply.

Monday, June 14, 2010



In reference to next little handwritten bit..
there was going to be a raven. But now there isn't. It's now a personal memory-bank raven.
hereAbove: little dresses/shirts/coats/undefined drawn today.
Below: RIP
Above illustration used also in lovely article on McQueen by Miss Tamuz,
who is presently blogging her amazing 365-dress journey.