Wednesday, August 31, 2011

making an impractical jumper

'new! impractical, not very warm 'jumper' by jess.'

i started taking photos during, rather than from the beginning.
this is what i do instead of sleeping. the reason the lighting is okay is that the sun started coming up.

orange panel size: guestimated.
pink/nude panel: guestimated.

orange panel: pinned into tucks, each fold sewn along.

arm one and arm two: length made to even out the asymmetrical lengths of the pink/nude and orange panels.
i.e. the finished arms are the same length, but made up of non-evenly sized pieces.

note: under orange 'striped arm panel' is pink/nude arm panel. for other arm.
 note: sewing arm seam closed. (inner arm seam)
and when you sew it up and flip it out, it should look like this:

then you can tie things to the arms. like fabric strings, or hair.

(thanks again to alyra for the blue fabric <3)


  1. you are really talented! i love your top!

    x0x0 izumihiiiflower

  2. This makes me smile a lot! Lovely colours and shape and orange ribby bit.
    - C