Monday, February 20, 2012


this is really/kind of/i think good. relates to life in that: clothes are not just clothes, they are in combination with yourself. like curating a space. and you are the space. with walls.
relates to self: sometimes forgetting how to curate self. interesting because: how to stand. where arms go. where hips go. head tilt, pigeon toes, slumpy shoulder, feet apart, looking around.
i like the in-general idea of trying to swap yourself with someone else. i think it lets you know more about yourself when you try not to be it.
i picked that picture because of the open+closed sort of leg gestures.

and there are some where three people of similar stature will change clothes+hair+glasses and it becomes hard to follow them through the outfit changes. recognisably by objects/clothings. personality/identity in your clothes.


  1. jerry hsu & his gf are hilarious. have you seen his tumblr?

    1. ha! no, was not aware. nice moments to scroll through. (thankss)