Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Book: Experimental Eco -> Design

Book: Experimental Eco -> Design: Architecture/Fashion/Product
CA 745.2 B877E 2005

some things suggested in this book as being 'eco-design'/qualities:
- recycling found materials, extending product life (e.g. re-shaping plastic objects, in this case, into a stool)
- conserving water
- use of alternative energy
- 'innovative use of sustainable materials and design'
- ethical labour practices
- eco-friendly materials (e.g. certified organic cotton)
- eco-friendly disposal of waste
- social awareness
- minimal, recyclable packaging
- organic, all-natural ingredients
- simplicity of construction
- hemp
- reclaimed materials
- innovative use of waste materials (Fabric Horse by Carrie Collins in the United States: re-uses durable materials incl. car buckles, carpet, old banners and signs, car-seat upholstery etc.)
- recycled materials (Demano Bags from Spain: bags made from discarded event banners) (Sonic Design from the United States: condom vase and a flashlight constructed inside a deodorant case) (Trash-a-Porter at nydesignroom from the United States: reclaimed textiles into clothes) (Recycled shoes by URoads in Italy: shoes where the soles are made from reclaimed tyre treads.)
- non-toxic materials
- modular components
- harnessing renewable energy
- natural, bio-degradable materials
- easy to transport
- low-impact materials
- flat-packs
- no glue or adhesives
- humanitarian
- long life span
- multi-functional
- renewable resources
- biodegradable
- easily recycled
- lightweight
- low-impact deconstruction

as the book is Architecture/Fashion/Product, not everything is directly applicable to fashion, but interesting to consider.
particularly for packaging and transport.

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