Saturday, November 6, 2010

12 triangles and rain dress

in a land where everything is made out of tshirt fabric.
except really only the dress, and the socks, except i'm not wearing the socks. and the tshirt which i haven't made yet because i was busy making the dress (and some glass things).full length. it sort of bounces when one jumps.little brass friend. i will give him a name.

for wearing in the rain.
it rained when i made it, too.
it's meshy.
above: with blue detached collar
below: and also with glass and brass rhyming jewellery with strings
as previously depicted
below: without pinned jewellery. just with glass sewn into the layers of meshy.
white and clear kiln-fired glass. with smooth edges. does not rip itself or others.

disclaimer: rain dress can fly.
can also be made from lace. if lace takes your fancy. or probably other colours. or so many things, really. and embroidered and without glass or with more or with a sailboat or a house. can also be made to store felty toys.


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