Sunday, September 26, 2010

naked lady temporary vest

i didn't feel like drawing in drawing so i threw into my bag a pile of coloured strings and the top half of a dress that never finished.
(and is presently looking more like a vest/waistcoat. making not finishing it tempting)
apparently it takes longer to stitch something than to pen it, so i quickly penned the poses first.
i will get better and go to places with longer poses and stitch from life. but for this time:

yeahhhh wasn't too bothered by accuracy.
more basic pose and trying to get the line to come out smooth.
i didn't draw anything onto the fabric either so i was predicting the line as i went.
and the drawings were sitting on the floor a good meter away from where i was sitting on the floor.
i'm making excuses. they're not accurate because i was being pretty casual about the whole thing.
the end
look out for:
hand emroidered clothings.
starting with: tshirts and dresses.
maybe i should pick one.
or socks.
in fact..
also socks.